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Soldiers of Change

Clifton Davis

Charles Shaughnessy

Stacey Dash

Debbie Allen

Ben Vereen

Lookout. This is a real tear jerker... unless you are a racist...

With the turbulence and turmoil of the 1960s raging, an African-American soldier finds himself at the center of two wars: the civil rights struggle at home and the ongoing conflict in Vietnam. To further complicate matters, his tolerance is tested when his sister falls in love with a white man. Clifton Davis, Charles Shaughnessy, Stacey Dash, Debbie Allen and Ben Vereen co-star in this thought-provoking drama.

PG-13, 95 min


Road to Redemption DVD

Road to Redemption

Pat Hingle

Julie Condra

Leo Rossi

Jan Underwood

Tony Longo

Wes Studi

A smart comedy, with a heart!  Buckle up for a cross country chase from Las Vegas to Redemption, Montana. The story starts out a bit weird and corny and develops into a humorous, dramatic, heartwarming tale of what real meaning in life is about. A simple fishing trip for an early inheritance turns into a hilarious road trip when the bumbling bad guys want their $250,000 back--now! It is unique in it's genre, in a world full of too many rapture, end-days Christian movies or the alternate end of the road, then get saved variety. Yet, at the same time, it effectively assaults the shallow thinking of today's society with looking beyond the veil. Try the movie, make sure you get past the 1st 10 minutes and I think you'll love it. (2001) Widescreen, PG, 90 minutes, 4 1/2 Stars. Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.


Romero DVD


Raul Julia

Richard Jordan

Oscar Romero, Archbishop of El Salvador, had the courage to live the teaching of Jesus, even though this meant alienating the rich and powerful who oppressed, tortured, murdered, and defrauded the poor of that nation. He stood in the pulpit of the national cathedral and urged soldiers to obey their Lord and disobey commands of oppression. He paid for this, taking a bullet to the heart while blessing the wine during mass.

This movie portrays the story of a quiet, bookish man who stood in the gap between the machine of dehumanizing globalization and the children of Jesus. We watch him wrestle with discovering an authentic Christian response to the injustices and oppression prevalent in El Salvador. We see him reprimand all those who would practice violence, whether as military authority, rebels, or institutionalized violence that robs people of their humanity and ability to feed their families.

The movie was filmed in Mexico, not Hollywood. Raul Julia deserved an Oscar for his performance as Romero. (1989), 105 min, full screen, PG-13 Recommended for Christians & Jews. 


Saint Patrick DVD St. Patrick: The Irish Legend Patrick Bergen The scenery is plentiful & beautiful, the acting is done well, the story is a good portrayal of St. Patrick (a Catholic Bishop) who had a major role in converting a paganistic Ireland to Christianity. See this movie and learn about the great Saint. The story starts with Patrick as a reckless youth, captured by slave traders. In slavery to a Irish Warlord he has a Divine encounter that grows into a holy passion for God. He is miraculously delivered from Ireland and returns to his family. Back in his British homeland He hears the call of God to return as a missionary to Israel. Despite numerous obstacles, he refuses to let go of the heavenly vision and soon returns to Irish soil as the Bishop of Ireland. Through power encounters with the druid priests and a servants heart of love for the Irish people, Patrick becomes the catalyst for a spiritual awakening. (2000) Full screen (4 1/2 - 5 stars) Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews. 


Simon Birch Ian Michael Smith
Joseph Mazzello
Ashley Judd
Oliver Platt
David Strathairn
A young boy with stunted growth is convinced that God has a great purpose for him.

Simon Birch believes that God made him for a special, heroic purpose. Simon and his best friend Joe Wenteworth are both outcasts in their tiny New England town: Joe is the illegitimate son of the town beauty, and Simon, at age 12, is so small that he still plays the infant Jesus in the church Christmas pageant. In the summer of 1964, friendship is put to the test when Little Leaguer Simon hits a foul ball that strikes and kills Joe's mother. Together, they try to find out who Joe's father is. Just as they succeed, the time comes for Simon to fulfill the destiny he believes in. A situation arises that demands a hero - a very small hero.

1998 (widescreen). 114 min. PG.

Snow White DVD
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
(Platinum 2 Discs)
Disney One of the brightest nuggets from Disney's golden age, this 1937 film is almost dizzying in its meticulous construction of an enchanted world, with scores of major and minor characters (including fauna and fowl), each with a distinct identity. When you watch Snow White's intricate, graceful movements of fingers, arms, and head all in one shot, it is not the technical brilliance of Disney's artists that leaps out at you, but the very spirit of her engaging, girl-woman character. When the wicked queen's poisoned apple turns from killer green to rose red, the effect of knowing something so beautiful can be so terrible is absolutely elemental, so pure it forces one to surrender to the horror of it. Based on the Grimm fairy tale, Snow White is probably the best family film ever to deal, in mythic terms, with the psychological foundation for growing up. It's a crowning achievement and should not be missed. (1937) Full screen (4 1/2 stars) Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.


Something the Lord Made Something the Lord Made Mos Def

Alan Rickman

Kyra Sedgwick

Mary Stuart Masterson

Something the Lord Made recounts the relationship between Dr. Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman) and Vivian Thomas (Mos Def). It begins in 1930s Nashville when imperious cardiac surgeon Blalock hires Thomas, an African American carpenter, as his janitor. When the latter reveals a passion for medicine and facility with surgical instruments, Blalock promotes him to lab tech. Thomas isn't given a raise, works side jobs to make ends meet, and is expected to be grateful. Along the way, he follows Blalock from Vanderbilt to Johns Hopkins, where they save thousands of lives through their pioneering work, but will Thomas ever get any credit? The film provides a satisfying answer to that question. Joseph Sargent (A Lesson Before Dying) directs with subtlety and intelligence, while Rickman and Mos Def are in top form, often underplaying where most actors would do otherwise. Something the Lord Made won the 2004 Emmy for outstanding made-for-TV movie.

2004. Full Screen. 110 minutes. (5 stars). Not rated. See at Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.


Spartacus DVD Spartacus Kirk Douglas

Tony Curtis

Spartacus remains one of the best of Hollywood's grand historical epics. With an intelligent screenplay by then-blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo (from a novel by Howard Fast), its message of moral integrity and courageous conviction is still quite powerful, and the all-star cast (including Charles Laughton in full toga) is full of entertaining surprises. Fully restored in 1991 to include scenes deleted from the original 1960 release, the full-length Spartacus is a grand-scale cinematic marvel, offering some of the most awesome battles ever filmed and a central performance by Douglas that's as sensitively emotional as it is intensely heroic. (1960) Wide screen LB (4 stars). Spartacus is based on a true story of this leader of a slave army who was born in the Roman city of Thrace. He deserted from the Roman Army he was sold as a slave to a gladiator trainer in Capua.  These events happened historically around 68-75 B.C.  This Rebellion led by Spartacus had a lasting effect on civilization because it showed the will power of the commoners and slaves. They destroyed several roman armies before the rebellion was put down.  Wide screen. (4 1/2 - 5 stars) Recommended for Christians & Jews.


"Steel Toes" (Canadian) Marina Orsini, David Strathairn, Andrew Walker, Ivan Smith When liberal Jewish lawyer Danny Duckelman is appointed to represent a neo-Nazi skinhead Michael Downey, to say that sparks will fly is a trite, gross understatement. The screen practically self-ignites as these two individuals have a battle of the wills in Director David Gow's brilliant movie adaptation "Steel Toes" of his critically acclaimed play "Cherry Docs" (the name of the Dr Marten steel-toed boots worn by skinheads). Skinhead Mike is incarcerated for attacking an Indian restaurant worker-- for no apparent reason other than his nationality-- by stomping him with his steel-toed boots. The man later dies from internal bleeding but not before he foregives his attacker in one of the most heart-wrenching scenes from the movie and wishes for him that he "finds a better road to walk."


90 min

Recommended for Christians & Jews.

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