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Jakob the Liar DVD Jakob the Liar Robin Williams In Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II, poor Jewish cafe owner Jakob Heym (Oscar® -winner Robin Williams Best Supporting Actor, 1997, Good Will Hunting) accidentally overhears a forbidden radio news bulletin signaling Soviet military success against German forces. To combat the overwhelming depression and suicide that pervades the ghetto, Jakob invents fictitious news bulletins about Allied advances against the Nazis. These lies keep hope and humor alive among the ghetto inhabitants.  Spirits are lifted, hearts are refreshed, and optimism is reborn. The Germans learn of the mythical radio and begin a search for the resistance hero who dares operate it. (1999) Full screen + Wide screen (5 stars)
Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews. Rated PG-13


Jesus DVD Jesus Jesus Movie

Brian Deacon

This may be the most authentic historic movie telling of Our Lord's story ever on the screen (entirely according to Luke's Gospel). I also found it unique in that not only was it made in the Holy Land, but throughout the film the faces seen are mostly local Jewish and Arab.

You can buy this excellent film in VHS or DVD format. I think it would make an excellent evangelical tool. The DVD allows you to choose a sound track.  It's in over 1000 languages.

Your can order it at Inspirational Films. At their web site, you can also view it online for free with a free Real Time Player (although nothing like watching the VHS or DVD). 

Full screen. (5 stars).

Order DVD at: See it at:

Or see online at: at Highest Recommendation for Christians & Jews.


The Life of Jesus
The Life of

The Life of Jesus - a double-sided DVD. The back cover of the DVD case describes the contents of this DVD as follows:

"The Life of Jesus - The Revolutionary Volume One: No likeness of Him was ever preserved from His lifetime, no recording of His voice, and He left no writing. Yet His story has been told to more people, in more languages, in more cultures, than any other. He is history s true revolutionary. He changed the world as none other before or since, and His message is more compelling today than ever.

The Life of Jesus - The Revolutionary Volume Two: The ministry and miracles of Jesus comes alive as never before! From the spine-chilling drama of His temptation by Satan, to Jesus glorious ascension back to the Father, the story of His life will unfold before you. Watch leprosy disappear with one touch of His hand. See Him raise the dead and make the blind see. Experience the glory of His power as you see the reenactment of Jesus casting a legion of demons out of a man and into a herd of swine!" Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.


John Wycliffe - The Morning Star  

"John Wycliffe" is a dramatic biography of the life of the 14th century scholar and cleric who translated the Bible into English for the first time. Wycliffe found himself in the middle of religious, political and social conflicts. An Oxford scholar, one of Europe's most renowned philosophers, he was a defender of English nationalism against the power of the pope and a champion of the poor against the injustices of the rich. John Wycliffe taught that God's forgiveness couldn’t be bought with indulgences. He preached that the only true authority is the Word of God, and the Word could only be understood by all if the people could read it in their native tongue. "John Wycliffe" captures the trials and heroic struggles of this significant man of faith - the "Morning Star" of the Reformation.

John Wycliffe, the brilliant 14th century Oxford scholar, translated the Bible from Latin into English in order to enlighten the masses oppressed through ignorance. His work was so despised by the established church, that Pope Martin V ordered Wycliffe's bones to be dug up and burned. Martin Luther was one of the few who challenged church authority in the 16th century and lived to tell the tale. 

In exposing the folly of indulgences (paying money to the church in order to obtain favor with God), he revealed what had always been written in scripture, that justification was through faith. William Tyndale was not spared like his friend Luther. Tyndale spent the last 500 days of his life in a cold castle dungeon. He was then tied to a stake, strangled and burned. His crime?...printing Bibles in the English language!

Not rated, 2004, 75 minutes - At Amazon here Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.t man of
 faith - the "Morning Star" of the Reformation

Pope John Paul II
Startling Revelations
Dr Jack Van Impe

Rexella Van Impe

This excellent DVD by the great Protestant evangelists, Dr. Jack and Rexell Van Impe is highly recommended for Catholics, Protestants and Jews.  Doctor Van Impe has observed how Protestant and Catholics are really the same now because of Pope John Paul II.  He exposes the lies written about both.  Protestants and Catholics may not be aware, but as of 1998 the Catholic Church made the concession with Luther's dogma that "we are saved by faith alone".  Catholic dogma is now the same as Protestant dogma, and it adds that the fruit of the holy spirit is good works. Read here

All that is left is for Protestants to understand that Catholic "venerate and honor Mary", but they "adore and worship" only Jesus.  Catholics also look only to Jesus for their salvation.  See more on this here.

This DVD is an awesome eye-opener to those who look for the Lord's impending return in the near term.

2005, 95 minutes, color, DVD or VHS. Most Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.  

Can order HERE

Late One Night

Late One Night

Brad Heller

Josh Gaffga


Three factory workers make their routine stop at a diner late one night.  Just before closing, a man comes in and takes a seat at the counter.  One of the workers, an antagonist named Larry, tries to strike up a conversation with the man but he doesn't respond.  Disturbed by this, Larry persists and finds out the man is a Christian.  What follows is an intense drama about the most important issue in life...and eternity.

LATE ONE NIGHT is a motion picture which applies to every person on earth regardless of race, culture, language, or nation.  It clearly explains what the Bible means when it says "you must be born again".  This movie presents the gospel of Jesus Christ, not only in word, but with a visual example of His great love for all.  It also has a dialogue about hell that will cause any viewer to stop and consider the end result. Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.  2001 33 min Widescreen (4 1/2 stars)

Available at Christian here

Lay it Down DVD

Lay it Down

Sean McEwen

Nathan Bell

Jacob Head


LAY IT DOWN is an explosive drama set against the teenage world of illegal street racing. Ride with Ben Destin (Sean Mc Ewen) as he finds the way of the narrow road to eternal life through Jesus Christ. Once he finds this route, he encourages all of his friends to discover the same freedom.  Award-winning drama. Fast cars, the fast life, and a believable conversion.

LAY IT DOWN is a powerful, ground-breaking evangelistic film. Its compelling delivery and heart-pounding action make it a must see for teens and young adults.  

50 minutes.Widescreen. (4 1/2 stars)
Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.

Purchase at Christian here

Leap of Faith DVD

Leap of Faith

Steve Martin

Debra Winger



"Real miracles.  Sensibly priced".  The story in "Leap of Faith" is about a traveling revival show, built on hucksterism, with Martin as "Jonas Nightingale," the main attraction. Steve Martin puts in a wonderful performance as a traveling revival preacher (Jonas Nightingale) as does Jane (Debra Winger) - as his able right hand in the traveling revival scheme. The movie takes the viewer through the myriad scams and schemes Martin's group of con-men use to fleece a small Kansas town along the way in the name of the Lord Jesus. However, Martin, Winger and the entire town are surprised when the show and everyone is changed by an unexpected "divine" happening. (1992) Letterbox. PG-13 (4 1/2 stars) Recommended for Christians & Jews.

Left Behind DVD

Left Behind

Kirk Cameron

Brad Johnson

Gordon Currie

Clarence Gilyard

Chelsea Noble


Left Behind is based on the first in a series of runaway bestsellers by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. It is a compelling thriller that is built around the rapture and the ascendance of the Antichrist.   Sudden mass disappearances throw the world into chaos, and the sinisterly compelling Nicolae Carpathia (Gordon Currie), head of the U.N., selflessly steps in to help broker peace among the world's nations. But is he as good intentioned as he seems?

Turns out the appropriately named Mr. Carpathia is behind a plot to rule the world and control its food supply, and intrepid reporter Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron, better than you'd expect) is onto him--with a little help from some biblical prophecies.  (2000) Fullscreen, PG-13 (Violence), 95 minutes. Recommended for Christians & Jews.

Left Behind 2

Left Behind II
Tribulation Force

Kirk Cameron

Brad Johnson

Gordon Currie

Clarence Gilyard

Chelsea Noble


Try to imagine what life might be like in the trying times of the Great Tribulation. But those who are "in Christ" will be protected and kept from God's wrath, even in the face of those who will persecute Christians and Jews for their beliefs. Even in the face of a charismatic leader who will offer peace at any price and try to "deceive, if possible, the very elect.  (2002) Fullscreen, 94 minutes. Recommended for Christians & Jews.

Lilies of the Field Sidney Poitier
Lilia Skala
Sidney Poitier won an Oscar for this endearing movie about a Baptist handyman who thinks he's just passing through a little town in New Mexico, and ends up staying awhile to build a chapel for a cluster of German-speaking nuns. The renowned actor is highly entertaining in his combative exchanges with Lilia Skala, playing a Mother Superior who survived Hitler and Communism, and makes no bones about bullying the goodhearted, itinerant worker into doing more and more for her. The film has an ambling, easygoing style with several memorable moments, not least of all is Poitier leading his holy hostesses through verses of the gospel song "Amen."  

Full Screen. 1963 B+W 94 minutes. (5 stars) Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.


Movie Ratings

G General Audiences Films contain nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children.
PG Parental Guidance Suggested Some material may not be suitable for children.
PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. 
R Restricted Under 17 requires an accompanying parent or guardian.

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