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This is World Helps stated, distributed and advertised budget to reach 1,000,000 Iraqies with the Gospel in 2004
1) Print and deliver 250,000 New Testaments in Arabic to the citizens of Iraq who have expressed interest in hearing more about Jesus Christ


2) Print and distribute 100,000 complete Bibles in Arabic for Iraqis who have read the New Testament and want to read the full Word of God


3) Produce and distribute Gospel materials in Arabic, including booklets, "How to Know God," "He is Risen," (a children's coloring book, and cassette tapes designed for Muslims making the case for Jesus Christ).


4) Training new Iraqi Christian converts on how to share the Gospel effectively with their relatives and Iraqi friends.


5) Helping new Iraqi Christians plant Christian churches in their local communities and neighborhoods.


6) Iraq Project Office near Mosul, just north of Baghdad.


7) Transportation and living costs for three U.S. project leaders stationed in Iraq.


Total Budget: $2,351,000


 The most immediate need is for donations to help print and deliver 250,000 New Testaments in Arabic to citizens of Iraq (budget item #1).


   This budget is provided to show you World Help's multi-pronged strategy (including intensive follow-up, discipleship and church planting programs) designed to win 1,000,000 Iraqi converts to faith in Jesus Christ in 2004.  Please pray for the success of this enormous undertaking.