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My Encounter with the Lord, Jesus Christ

My name is Walt, and I grew up in a Muslim country. When I was young, I naturally made friends with Muslim kids around. I also made friends with other kids with different religions. I do not like to relive my childhood memories very much since they are full of bad things and terrible sins. As a matter of fact, I had a dream one night that took me back to my childhood place. I could not stand to look at it but hoped to avoid it completely. I prayed very hard to the Lord to take me away from this place and suddenly I saw a brilliant figure full of light showing in the distant. I recognized that light immediately and took me right away from that terrible place in the blink of an eye.

When it comes to religion, my mum has decided that I have to make my own choice and that I did not need to follow the family’s tradition of Buddhism or Taoism. She let me make the choice based on her own miracle experience that she had when I was just a toddler. I do not remember much about the fainting incident that left me unconscious for days. However, when I was a teenager my mother told me the full story about that miracle dream she had. She was told in the dream by a man (she could not make out who the man was) to give me a tablespoon of soy sauce in order to wake me up. You see, she had tried different modern medicines and had taken me to see a very famous doctor and none of these treatments made me well. In desperation and the strong faith that she had, she administered that soy sauce to me. In just a few minutes, I woke up crying not because I was shocked by the taste of it but I was hungry for real food.

I know Christ not just by coincidence. I went to a Catholic school for a number of years as my mother decided that it would be best for me. I did not care to pay much attention in the religion class that we have every week. I was there to fulfill the course requirement to go on to the next grade. Every time the pastor taught us the Old and New Testament, the only thing that interested me was how to make fun of this kind and gentle pastor. Fun and games did not stop even when we attended the Mass in church. One day, for whatever reason (most likely because I was in trouble with my grades and I needed the Lord to help me out) I decided to pray very hard in church and paid attention to the entire Mass. This means I did no chatting, threw no papers at my friends or laughed during that Mass. At the end the Mass, as always we had to line up properly as we exited the church. The mid-day sun just shone that day and it suddenly hit my face. I could not describe the feeling that I felt at that moment. I felt like the whole burden had been lifted off my shoulders; and the peace that came unto me was indescribable. I truly believe it was the Holy Spirit that came to engulf me entirely. I kept that strange incident to myself and never told a soul about it, thinking that nobody would believe it anyways, or worse that my may friends ridicule me for it.

The school once had a gathering of some kind with all the grades combined. The main attraction of the so-called gathering was the movie that was going to be shown that day. It was the life of Jesus Christ. I attended and watched the movie as the other students did, and nothing unusual happened. However, when the film started to show the scene when Jesus was praying to the Father at the garden with his sweat and blood visibly seen, it touched my heart deeply. I was saying to myself why did Jesus have to suffer like this, and my heart started to melt for His humility and kindness that He showed in order to carry the sins of all the world. I just fell in love with Him from that moment on.

I finished high school with good grades and continued to complete college and got two degrees. Ever since that moment when I first fell in love with the Lord, He is always besides me. Every time I have doubts or questions in heart, He answers me in many ways, and I could never miss His voice and answers. Believe me, He is the living God and He will answer you no matter where you are!

I had a real encounter with an evil spirit once; and only He could save me from the evil grip. You see, one of the rooms in our house had been known to have an evil spirit occupant. Many including my brothers and aunt had seen the spirit in the dark form of an ugly man. I was not a true believer of evil spirits and stuff that they were talking about. I did, however, have a rather strange experience when I spent the night in that room. Initially, I felt something was trying to overcome my mind and I managed to struggle free from that strange encounter most of the time. After all, it could be just my imagination I thought, or I thought maybe it was just because I felt exhausted that day. One fateful night, it was quite different and that thing got hold of me entirely. My whole body was paralyzed and the only body parts that still worked were my eye balls and my mind. I thought then that I was in real trouble this time. The feeling was awful and I was in the dark void completely. In desperation, I called out bismillah imanirohim (from the Islamic religion) and then tried to recite omitoufut (from the Buddhism religion), but none of them worked. Finally, I cried out “Jesus, please help me!” and instantly I was freed and I made a quick dash out of that room. My parents sold that house a few years later.

The country that I grew up in has many different religions. I tried praying in the Buddhist or Taoist temples but none satisfied me, and I always felt empty at the end. However, I have a different feeling when I pray to Jesus. I feel as though He is listening to me in real-time. I have no doubt that He is the true God worthy of worship and I would encourage all readers to pick up that courage in talking to Him no matter who you are, where you come from and what previous religion you had in the past. He does not care all about that, and He only cares for your salvation and your love right now. Remember what Jesus says: “Nobody comes to the Father but by Me”. That powerful statement indicates that there is no other god but Jesus Himself. He loves me as much as He loves you! Trust me.

Originally Posted by Walt in Nevada on September 21, 2005 on the  "Bible Talk" Message Board

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