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Christian book reviews
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Muhammad, Terrorist or Prophet? Or, the "prophet" of Doom?

The founder of Islam made no prophecies and did no miracles.  He plundered, and insisted on 1/5 of all booty.  He had 11 wives, and he had anyone killed who disagreed with him. 

His demonically inspired Qur'an is literally dripping in evil.  1 in every 55 verses in the Qur'an incites Muslims to make war on non-Muslims.  The Qur'an, is in fact a satanic blueprint for the art of deception, doubletalk, double-dealing and treachery. The word love is conspicuously missing from the Muslim Qur'an.

The Homosexual Agenda In defining themselves primarily by their sexual appetites, rebellious homosexuals reveal an unbalanced obsession with the carnal rather than the mental. 

Abortion - the American Holocaust.  Since 1973, U.S. women have murdered over 50 million American babies. Read the real story of abortion.

True Near Death Experiences (NDE). Proof that the soul does survive death.