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The Steven Spielberg internet archive now has over 300 films online you can view now.  Most are about Israel, its History, and about the Jewish people. Most are awesome historic documentaries.

Cinema fans and researchers can now view more than 300 films on the Hebrew University's internet site containing the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive.

The archive was upgraded and expanded as part of a five-year digitization project, begun in 2002, aimed at providing the general public with access to the archive's extensive collections. The project is funded by the American Friends of the Hebrew University in Los Angeles in honor of Motion Picture Association of America Chairman Jack Valenti.

A number of rare historical items are included in the latest additions to the "virtual cinema." These include the film "Work and Ceremony in Palestine" (1926), donated to the archive by Gerard Yuness, whose father had hidden the film in the backyard of his house in Tunisia before fleeing to France during World War II

The film "Flight to Freedom" (1949) is a unique documentation of the Yemenite immigration to Israel and includes scenes from the community in Yemen as well as footage from the journey in the desert to Israel.

In all, the Spielberg Jewish Film Archive has more than 10,000 film titles.