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DeMolay, Lodge and then Christ

A Mason who had second thoughts wrote:


I was heavily involved with the Order of DeMolay as I was growing up. I
was a state ritual champion and a past state appointed officer (Pennsylvania). I have been awarded the Chevalier and Legion of Honor
from DeMolay.

I joined the lodge when I was 21 (nine years ago). I wasn't able to go
to many lodge meetings due to education commitments, so I was really
never more than a dues paying member. However, I know much of the
Fraternity through my father and through my intimate involvement with

DeMolay is a channel directly into the lodge and I got to know many
Masons, including Grand Masters, on a first name basis.

I never thought of the lodge and the church as mutually exclusive, until
I made a profession of faith.

I had some personal problems in my marriage which resulted in my wife
leaving me. I came to know the Lord during the two weeks that she had
left. When my wife and I met to discuss how we would divide the
property, I shared what had happened to me. A short time afterward, she
accepted Christ as her savior, too. Our marriage and family were saved!

Part of my Christian commitment was, of course, to examine all areas of
my life and bring them in line with the Lordship of Christ. Since I was
a Freemason, I naturally examined this area.

I asked for books from my pastor and elders in my church (Presbyterian
Church in America). I also completed my own personal study using
Masonic authors that included Pike, Mackey, and Blackmer. As a matter
of fact, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania recommended Blackmer's book as a good summary. Additionally, I read Ankerberg and Weldon as well as Jack Harris' book.

Throughout this examination, I tried to be as objective as possible. I
came to the conclusion over the course of several months that membership in the lodge was incompatible with Christianity. The PCA's position paper on Masonry also helped me finalize my decision as did the Orthodox Presbyterian Church's tract, "Christ or the Lodge?"

Particularly relevant in my decision were passages in the Bible dealing
with yoking believers and unbelievers together, especially using the
severe oaths of the lodge. The "Universal Fatherhood of God and
Brotherhood of Man" is another concept that scripture does not support.
We are, rather, sons by adoption.

My readings in Blackmer helped me realize the origins of Masonic rituals
in Egyptian sun worship. Finally, the Grand-Omnific Royal Arch Word as
an amalgamation of Jehovah with two other pagan gods was nothing less than blasphemous. I could not dismiss this, because Blue Lodge and
Royal Arch Masonry are the only two, true original forms of the Craft.
Therefore, it did not matter what other types of Christian
window-dressings were placed into the York or Scottish Rites. It also
does not matter how much they attempt to change the rituals to be more
palatable to Christians, since the origins, to me, betray the focus.