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A Christian Soldiers Near Death Experience

My near death experience was a two fold experience, allow me to explain...

It was exactly my twenty years in the military, I had just returned to my former Unit of assignment (that I work for fulltime), post my Units Mobilization for Operation Iraqi Freedom at Ft Bragg NC; it was Sunday 02/06/2005.

On Friday I had received my ordination as a Christian Minister, and had prayed that I would be effective for the Lord, (Like the Apostle Paul) and that the enemy would know who I was.

Our Battle Group Training was in water survival, (that I had practiced for over twenty years.) Towards the end of completion of the course, I had what I thought was terrible heart burn. A little embarrassed, I approached my Commanding Officer and other NCOs' so that I could lie down for just a moment.

Due to the quick response of a Warrant Officer, an ambulance was soon dispatched.

Then as a NSA police officer was questioning me and as the Paramedics arrived, I would "black out" due to heart failure caused by a piece of plaque.

Immediately before blacking out, I would feel a being lying shoulder to shoulder with me, (on my right) and see HIM in shadow. I remember at this point the sound was my last sense to go.

As the Paramedics’ defibrillated my heart (one or two times) the sound returned in the blackness or void. As I regained consciousness it was if I was under the street and someone slowly slid open the manhole cover above me. I could look up and see the Paramedics faces working on me looking down.

As documented, I said "that feels better" although I only remember asking if I had a heart attack? I was told not to try and talk, so I said "being as no one said that I haven’t, I must have!"

The second experience I had was much different... In transport to my requested hospital my ambulance became stuck in traffic, I could hear Donny, (my Paramedic) saying that we must get on the highway and find a different route to a different hospital. I thought to myself, "This is not good" and only wished I could see outside. Immediately afterwards I could see a "birds eye view" of my ambulance moving "in slow motion" towards me, the clarity of that moment was perfect, I remember seeing everything looking down on the highway from the tan brick wall abutments to the puddles in the street.

My ambulance raced toward me with headlights and strobes flashing.

However, this time there was no sound! Sight was all that I maintained. Oh yes, this was the "best mood" I have ever remembered being in! My mind was very sharp and I was still very much aware of what was happening to me. I knew I was married and in transport, I could have even given you my social security number, I had forgotten nothing about my life, but when you are in such a good mood nothing can seem to bother you! All that I can remember thinking too myself was that "this is really cool and amazing".

The next thing that I remember was being stabilized for airlift to Washington hospital center, I remember seeing my wife, the commanding officer, and my buddy the Platoon Sergeant standing by the door as I was made ready for flight.

My wife asked if she could fly with me, but she could not. I remember being laid on the deck of the helicopter, trying to stay awake so that I could remember the flight, but could not.

I awoke briefly in intensive care, later my wife would tell me that she tried to hide behind my door, but they shortly removed her. I also found out that I was not expected to survive the night as my lungs filled up with fluid.

One or two days went by and I awoke again first seeing my elderly parents clutching each other and staring at me. Then I saw my wife and brother beside me. When I told the story of the ambulance to them, my mother asked me how I could have seen that event.

Immediately, I told her that it must have been looking out the back doors and saw my ambulance in a bug eye mirror along the highway. She looked at me strangely and asked how that was possible?

I thought about that for a second, and realized this could not have been possible as I was strapped down facing the front of the ambulance with no windows, and now just realized that it would be impossible to see the front of the ambulance from the rear anyway! But the whole experienced seemed so natural that your mind doesn't know any difference anyway.

About the second week in the hospital I started experiencing another heart attack, as my emergency stent had attracted another clot. I remember speaking to a nurse that exclaimed too me: “Mr. Dell, the enemy knows who you are, but it will not stop what the Lord has planned for you!”

I was stunned when she repeated that private prayer, I had prayed a couple weeks before!

I feel I should add that; later when I returned to Church about three weeks later, a fellow deacon approached me with eyes as big as silver dollars.

I asked him what was the matter? This is when he told me he expected never to see me again. It seems the hospital told my Pastor I was not expected to pull through. The sermon that Sunday was the "Good Shepherd" lying down with the lamb. I had the sensation of having water poured over me as I thought about the "being" lying next to me shoulder to shoulder in my original experience. Why do I believe in this "Christ" so intently you may wonder?

It is because many times on this side of my existence, I have continually known Him!

Death is only a continuation of the spiritual life that I already posses.

If you would like to read more of my testimonies please visit my web site at: http://LightshipMinistries.Org

Please allow me to ask you a question, why is it that so many scientific minds are closed to the idea of an "intelligent design"? Is it because we must have physical evidence? That is not very scientific as quantum mechanics do not apply to the physical laws we are familiar with. In fact in my humble opinion it would most likely be opposing to anything that we would understand.

It is my belief, that faith like gravity in the natural realm must be applied before we can start to comprehend a place that is infinite rather than finite.

Could it be that mankind is naturally hostile towards the recognition of a God, because than he would be held accountable to a "higher power" than himself? This is what the Bible tells us is so.

Respectfully Submitted, Roland Dell (USA Ret.)

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