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Jesus speaking through Veronica at Bayside, New York, 1985

The abomination of homosexuality

"I hold your country, My child, at fault because too few who are in power in the government and the teachers from My Church on earth, too few are willing to fight against the abomination of the homosexuality that is raging throughout the United States, Canada, and the world. In no way will homosexuality be accepted, for it means damnation and destruction. And I say this to you, once fair maidens in the convents of the world, who have chosen to cast aside your profession and your oaths of allegiance to your God to seek a more pleasurable life upon earth without your habits, without your convents, and living the life of a lay person.

"All who have received Holy Orders, legally, shall be held accountable for their casting aside their profession, for they are weakening the structure of My House.

"Many because of the mistakes made issuing forth from the good hearts of John XXIII, Pope Paul VI; many have taken the messages and the directions given at the Vatican Council and twisted them to suit themselves, reading in the Bible words of their own, or finding excuses for their sinning, through the Bible.

"My child and My children, the murders of the unborn will bring great Chastisement upon the United States, Canada, and the nations of the world, that are now contributing not only to the delinquency of your children and the world's children, but are condoning murder and euthanasia. Euthanasia, My child and My children, is murder!

"We have been very patient. The Eternal Father has voiced His decision within My hearing, and I tell you, My children, your Chastisement is just at hand.

"We expect all of you to read and re - read My Mother's directives, for they are My directives in the Eternal Father and the Holy Ghost.

"No man shall fall into hell unless he wishes it. For his heart and his eyes are blinded; his heart is hardened, and the pleasures of the world, and the popularity of a generation that has gone insane with sin - for these he will give up his eternal soul.


"And especially, My children, I repeat anew the words of My Mother when She said to you some time ago, that anyone who has even a small measure, responsibility for the deaths of the unborn, shall be judged as a murderer. No nation that has become so corrupt that their legal rules and regulations are changed for those who are in sin, shall not stand. They will burn in the embers, as the bodies will burn upon the roads and the streets.

"My children, I have great compassion for all of My children of the earth. But I say unto you, you have a free will. My Mother has accepted Her role as a Mediatrix between God and man. If you listen to My Mother's counsel you will be saved, and you will also share in the struggle to right the wrong that has been done against the Eternal Father and all the personages of Heaven.

"Theresa wished to be with Us this evening, but due to the time and the condition of your physical body, My child, I send you her words, though she chose at first to appear herself. I send you her words: 'My sisters, what have you done to yourselves? I can see through the Eternal Father what has happened within the convents. I can only beg you to open your eyes and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Accept not the counsel of man, for satan now and all hell has opened up and the demons are upon earth. This is the final struggle for souls.'

"My Mother told you some time ago that soon Her words will be few, and this soon has now covered a year's time. But you must know that as a voice - box We had to seek and bring you, My child, back to the grounds so that We can go forth, and together try - I say try - to save the world from its own destruction.

"Satan has poisoned their minds and your great scientists now seek only one thing - to please the Bear. For money. And what is money? You cannot take it beyond the veil. You will go out as you came in, but you will be judged when you go out.

"My child and My children, I stress anew for My Mother that you keep a vigil of prayer going throughout your countries and the world. It will be through My Mother's Brown Scapular and the beads of prayer that many souls can be saved, and there will be a lessening of the Judgment against mankind, where he will lose his body as he becomes an ember, so great will be the flames.

"My child, do not be affrighted. I will show you a picture now. Now you hold onto your crucifix and do not be affrighted."

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