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Sinai Inscription - Miraculous Provision of Water

The below ancient Sinai Inscription describes God's miraculous provision of water in the Sinai--by God commanding Moses to miraculously cause pure water to flow from a rock.

Inscription follows:

"The people clamour vociferously. The people anger Moses.
Swerving from the right way, they thirst for water insatiably.
The water flows, gently gushing out of the stony rock.
Out of the rock a murmur of abundant waters.
Out of the hard stone a springing well.
Like the wild asses braying,
the Hebrews swallow down enormously and greedily.
Greedy of food like infants,
they plunge into sin against Jehovah.

The people drink, winding on their way,
drinking with prone mouth,
Jehovah gives them drink again and again.

The people sore athirst, drink vehemently.
They quaff the water-spring without pause, ever drinking.
Reprobate beside the gushing well-spring."

Above found in Grant R. Jeffrey's "The Signature of God"