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May 25, 2005

Moslem Cleric Calls for Revenge Against Britain on PA TV

Muslims against US and Britain

In a sermon broadcast live on Palestinian Authority TV, a cleric affiliated with Hamas says Islam must rule over the U.S. and Great Britain, and must exact revenge against the British.

A Moslem cleric called for exacting revenge against Great Britain in a virulent sermon broadcast live on Palestinian television on Friday, May 13. The cleric, Sheikh Ibrahim Mudeiras, who has become a symbol of Palestinian hatred of Israel and the Western world, said the day will come when Islam “will rule Britain”.

“We hold this opportunity to hold Britain accountable and say there is revenge we can never forget. We cannot forego the revenge we want to exact from Britain. We hold Britain responsible for what happened in Palestine. Britain is the cause, till this very minute, of every drop of blood dripping in this land,” Mudeiras told Arab viewers in the Palestinian Authority.

Mudeiras set forth an Islamic program for world domination, claiming that Islam will ultimately prevail and rule both Britain and the United States.

“I say to you: You must look at our situation with an outlook of confidence in Allah's victory! If you help Allah [spread Islam], Allah will bring you victory. We once ruled the world and the day will come when, by god, we will rule the entire world.

“The day will come when we will rule the United States, the day will come when we will rule Britain, we will rule the whole world [and all will live in peace and comfort under our rule] except the Jews. The Jews will not live in peace and comfort under our rule. Treachery will keep being their nature throughout history. The day will come when the whole world will rid itself of the Jews.”

Mudeiras’ speech was filled with anti-Semitic invective, rivaling some of the worst propaganda to come out of Nazi Germany. See article, “Subjugate Christians, Exterminate Jews” in the Arab Press section of INN’s website.

Despite the anti-British rhetoric broadcast on Palestinian television, British officials have confirmed reports that discussion is underway regarding opening ties with Hamas members who may be elected to the Palestinian Authority (PA) parliament.

Mudeiras is a Moslem cleric affiliated with Hamas.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom that Israel need not worry, explaining his government will not open relations with terrorists, but is considering some level of contact with persons who recognize the State of Israel’s right to exist, and have turned to a life which shuns terrorism.

Foreign Ministry official Gideon Meir stated that any contact with Hamas by a foreign government, on any level, will only serve to strengthen the terror organization and facilitate efforts towards continuing attacks against Israel.