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Hello everyone!  

I thought that since they asked me so nicely in my email I would talk about my near death experiences. Yes that's what I said, experiences. I died and came back twice. The first time was not so bad, I was about eight or nine when it happened and I was living with my mother and father. 

What I most strongly remember is the cold, I've never felt so cold. I believe that this coldness was the presence of death. Anyway, after it got cold I remember having difficulty breathing and then the world went dark. The next thing I knew I was standing in front of some guy with a huge book in his hand. He asked me my name and I told him that I am Rebecca ( I will not reveal my last name for privacy).  He then proceeded to tell me that I was not supposed to be dead yet. I woke up and found myself back in my body. 

A few weeks later in our new home it happened again. The cold presence entered the room but this time I felt it coming and fought the loss of breath. I didn't have enough strength to fight long enough though, and the blackness enveloped me.  This time though I was in it for much longer.  I can remember faces in the blackness calling out to me; inviting me to join their wall. I think that the people I saw were those who are not ready to cross over just yet and they are the ones that are seen as ghosts. Anyway I was drawn towards them until a light came flying towards me, it was a bird; the bird symbol of peace to be exact. Its light guided me towards an even brighter light that felt welcoming. When the brightness cleared I could see a line of steps with angels on either side singing some song I could not make out. It didn't take me long to climb the stairs despite the fact that they seemed to go on forever.  At the top I noticed the guy I saw before - only he did not seem to recognize me. He asked my name and I told it to him.  He looked through his book and then the gates of heaven opened to let me in. Now what I remember is kind of fuzzy.  I remember a great feeling of peace and hope until I saw the globe in the corner.  I set the counter that was beside it to a random date and saw that the whole earth had become a desert and people were back to living in caves.  It scared me, and I ran towards the gates and forced them open. 

The next thing I remember was falling through a trap door. It was darker than the tunnel but I could see cells all around me. Torches lit up and I could see that the people in the cells were being tortured by the memories of the things they had done. It was so sad, I wanted to break down the doors of those cells to free those people but I was inexplicably drawn forward. I remember seeing a most horrible thing.  It was like every nightmare I had ever had put together. It drew me forward, and it wasn't until much later that I remembered what the apparition said.  It told me that no person had ever chosen to come to hell and that from that time forward a piece of my spirit would belong to him. Now I'm not sure if this is true as I am a Christian and my spirit should belong totally to God right?  Well any way, after he told me this I remember being pulled back into my body and I felt that I had left a part of myself in heaven and in hell.  I am still wondering who my spirit belongs to when I die again, and why I was sent back to earth. Well that is it.  That is the whole story. 

One last detail, a few years later in a new home in a new school I met a girl who had the same experience, minus visiting hell, on the same day.  I think I might have accidentally taken her with me when I was fighting death, what do you think?  Anyway I'm glad to get this off my shoulders.  It has been worrying me for some time.