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"Mohammed" found in Bible Codes

Islam claims to be a religion of "the book" which would have one believe it is a continuance of that book God revealed to his Jewish Prophets and Christian Apostles. 

If it were, it would not deny what is in that "book", especially after confirming the authority of the Jewish Torah and Christian Gospels.  If it were true, it would know the name of the true God is not Allah, but Yahweh....  

God is very "touchy" about His holy name.  He is not happy about Muslims misdirecting their sweet prayers to a pagan diety (Allah) and rejecting His only begotten Son's suffering, death, resurrection, and atonement.  He also is not happy with Mohammed making up Words (Qur'an) that He (God) did not say; thus leading billions of people astray - and misdirecting their sweet prayers to a non-existing diety.

Below have been found in the Bible Codes:

Muhammad in bible codes

Red Diagonal: "Mohammed"

Words crossing diagonal above: "Blaspheming"

Red crossing Diagonal below Blaspheming (left to right): "Demon"

Blue diagonal right corner: "Satan"

Green across: "The Unknown God" (as in Muslims pray to a God not there)

The "O" in "Mohammed" is the "O" in "God" in "The Unknown God". This is saying that Allah of Islam is not the God of the Bible, who is the true God, but rather Muslims are worshipping a nonexistent deity.




Mohammed in bible codes

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