Kathryn's Story
I am not quit sure one would call this a NDE, but all the same I knew I was experiencing something.

In the Summer of 2001, Every night before falling to sleep, I would close my eyes and immediately would see a pin point of a bright light. As I would continue to focus on the light, I'd realize that the light was pulsating and moving closer. In the center of this amazingly bright light would form a face. As the face would become clearer I would see the faces of loved ones who had already passed on. I told my husband on many occasions that it felt like I was having an NDE. Only I wasn't dying, so I thought. This strange phenomenon continued for months every night as soon as I closed my eyes.

In Sept. of 2001 I was diagnosed with fourth stage Ovarian cancer. The doctors had estimated I would only have, three to four months left to live. As I went through all the chemo treatments and pain medication the visions of my long departed loved ones continued.

Then one night, nothing no light, no smiling faces of the dead loved ones, nothing at all. Two weeks went by with no bright light, when I was given the news that the treatments were miraculously working and all the tumors had shrunk considerably! I have been blessedly cancer free for four and a half years, and have never seen the light or the faces of loved one since!

Thank you,
Mrs. Kathryn

NDE is an ancronym d\for Near Death Experience.  See these here: http://www.bibleprobe.com/nde.htm