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Sanhedrim investigation - Jesus at 26-talk with Mary & Joseph


Below was found wound in a scroll that had been in the archives of St Sophia mosque in Constantinople. It is believed that Mohammed had given orders to save all the Jerusalem Sanhedrim writings in a vault within this mosque.

Below is from a document that may have resulted from an interview done by Gamaliel who was commissioned by the Sanhedrim to investigate/interrogate Jesus, Mary & Joseph - when Jesus was about 26 yrs old. It is from the hagiographa (or holy writings) found in the St. Sophia Mosque at Constantinople. Remember, Jonathan was sent by the Sanhedrim to investigate the angelic "ruckus" in Bethlehem during the birth of Christ--so the Sanhedrim would naturally be curious 26 yrs later....  Ammon or Moab (city of Mecca)  below is a nearby area, east of the Jordan River (roughly in present day Jordan).

"I found Joseph and Mary in the city of Mecca, in the land of Ammon or Moab. But I did not find Jesus. When I went to the place where I was told he was, he was somewhere else; and thus I followed him from place to place, until I despaired of finding him at all. Whether he knew that I was in search of him and did it to elude me, I cannot tell, though I think it most likely the former was the reason, for his mother says he is bashful and shuns company.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Apparitions of Mary at Bayside, New York "paint" another picture of Joseph (St Joseph)--than what is said about him below.  Bayside show Joseph to be a loving and caring father type.  See this at the bottom of the page.

Joseph is a wood-workman. He is very tall and ugly. His hair looks as though it might have been dark auburn when young.  His eyes are gray and vicious. He is anything but prepossessing in his appearance, and he is as gross and glum as he looks. He is but a poor talker, and it seems that yes and no are the depth of his mind. SKIPPED AREA. He said his father's name was Jacob, and his grandfather was Matthew. He did not like to talk on the subject. He is very jealous. SKIPPED AREA. So I married Mary, thinking that if what the angel had told us was true, it would be greatly to our advantage; but I am fearful we are mistaken. Jesus seems to take no interest in us, nor anything else much. SKIPPED AREA.  I asked him how long after that interview with the angel before the child was born. He said he did not know, but he thought it was seven or eight months. I asked him where they were at the time. He said Bethlehem. The Roman commander had given orders for all the Jews to go on a certain day to be enrolled as taxpayers, and he and Mary went to Bethlehem as the nearest place of enrollment; and while there this babe was born. SKIPPED AREA

Mary is altogether a different character, and she is too noble to be the wife of such a man. She seems to be about forty or forty-five years of age, abounds with a cheerful and happy spirit and is full of happy fancies. She is fair to see, rather fleshy, has soft and innocent-looking eyes, and seems to be naturally a good woman. I asked her who her parents were, and she said her father's name was Eli, and her mother's name was Anna; her grandmother's name was Pennel, a widow of the tribe of Asher, of great renown. I asked her if Jesus was the son of Joseph. She said he was not. SKIPPED AREA

I asked her if she had ever seen him (Jesus) angry or out of humor. She said she had seen him apparently vexed and grieved at the disputes and follies of others, but had never seen him angry. I asked her if he had any worldly aspiration after money or wealth, or a great name, or did he delight in fine dress, like the most of the youth. She said that was one thing that vexed her, he seemed to take no care of his person; he did not care whether he was dressed or not, or whether the family got along well or ill; it was all alike to him. She said she talked to him about it, and he would look at her a little grieved and say, "Woman (for such he always called me), you do not know who I am." Indeed, she said he takes so little interest in the things of the world and the great questions of the day, they were beginning to despair of his ever amounting to much--much less be a king, as the angel said he would be; if so, he would have to act very differently from what he was acting at that time. SKIPPED AREA

His parents told me of an old man who lived on the road to Bethany who had once been a priest, a man of great learning, and well skilled in the laws and prophets, and that Jesus was often there with him reading the law and prophets together; that his name was Massalian, and that I might find Jesus there. But he was not there. SKIPPED AREA

I asked him to give me an outline of the character of Jesus. He (Massalian) said that he was a young man of the finest thought and feeling he ever saw in his life; that he
was most apt in his answers and solutions of difficult problems of any man of his age he had ever seen; that his answers seem to give more universal satisfaction--so much so that the oldest philosopher would not dispute him, or in any manner join issue with him, or ask the second time. I asked Massalian who taught him to read and interpret the law and the prophets. He said that his mother said that he had always known how to read the law; that his mind seemed to master it from the beginning; and into the laws of nature and the relation of man to his fellow in his teachings or talks, he gives a deeper insight, inspiring mutual love and strengthening the common trust of society. Another plan he has of setting men right with the laws of nature; he turns nature into a great law book of illustrations, showing that every bush is a flame, every rock a fountain of water, every star a pillar of fire, and every cloud the one that leads to God. He makes all nature preach the doctrine of trust in the divine Fatherhood. He speaks of the lilies as pledges of God's care, and points to the fowls as evidence of his watchfulness over human affairs. Who can measure the distance between God and the flower of the field? What connection is there between man and the lily? By such illustrations he creates a solicitude in man that seems to awe him into reverence, and he becomes attracted toward heavenly thought, and feels that he is in the presence of one that is superior. In this talk he brings one to feel he is very near the presence of God. He says how much more your Father. The plane is one, though the intermediate points are immeasurably distant. Thus by beginning with a flower he reasons upward to the absolute, and then descends and teaches lessons of trust in a loving Father. SKIPPED AREA

Massalian says he is tempted at times to become impatient with Jesus, as he devotes so much time to details. It seems almost a waste of time for a man who came to save the world to be lingering over a special case of disease. SKIPPED AREA

He stated further that Jesus was a young man who was the best judge of human nature he had ever seen; that he thought at times he could tell men their thoughts and expose their bad principles; and while he had all these advantages of life, he seemed not to care for them nor use them abusively. He seems to like all men--one as well as another--so much so that his parents have become disgusted with him, and have almost cast him off. But Jesus has such a peculiar temperament that he seems not to care, and is as well satisfied with one as another. He said that Jesus seemed fond of Mary and Martha, who lived at Bethany, and probably I might find him there.

Massalian is a man of very deep thought and most profound judgment. All his life he has made the Scriptures his study.  He, too, is a good judge of human nature, and he is satisfied that Jesus is the Christ. He said that Jesus seemed to understand the prophecy by intuition. I asked him where Jesus was taught to read the prophecy. He said that his mother told him that Jesus could read from the beginning; that no one had ever taught him to read. SKIPPED AREA

I went from there to Bethany, but Jesus was not there. They said he and Lazarus were away. They could not tell where.  I went and saw Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus, and had a long talk with them. They are very pleasant and nice young maids, and Mary is quite handsome. I teased her about Jesus, but they both denied that Jesus was anything like a lover; he was only a friend; though this is so common for young maids I did not know whether to believe them or not until I told them my my real business. And when I told them that this was the same person that was born of the virgin in Bethlehem some twenty-six years before, and that his mother had told me all the facts in the case, they seemed deeply interested. They then told me upon their honor that Jesus never talked or even hinted to either one of them on the subject of marriage. Martha blushed, and said she wished he had. If he was to be a king, she would like to be queen. I asked them if they had ever seen him in the company of young virgins. They said they had not. I asked them if they had heard him talk about young girls, or if he sought their society more than that of men; and they both declared they had not, and they were very much surprised that he did not. I asked them what he talked of when in their company; and they said he was not much in their company; that he and their brother would go upon the house-top and stay there half the night, and sometimes all night, talking and arguing points of interest to them both. Mary said she had often gone near, so she could listen to them, for she loved to hear him talk, he was so mild and unpretending, and then was so intelligent that he was different from any and all other young men she had ever seen. I asked them what was their brother's opinion of him. They said he thought there was never such a man on earth. He thought him to be one of God's prophets. He said when they were out in the mountains, as they are most all the time, Jesus can tell him all about the flowers, trees, and rocks, can tell him everything in the world, and that none of the animals are afraid of him. He says often the stag and the wolf will come and stand for Jesus to stroke their mane, and seem almost loath to go away from him. He says that no poisonous serpent will offer to hiss at him. Their brother thinks he is perfectly safe if Jesus is with him. SKIPPED AREA


Apparitions of Mary at Bayside, New York "paint" another picture of Joseph (St Joseph) as a caring and loving father.

Of Interest, in the 1978 Apparition of Our Lady to Veronica at Bayside, New York, this is what Veronica says of St. Joseph:


Now over on the right side there is a man now coming forward. I can see him very well. He's much taller than Our Lady. Our Lady looks like a little girl next to him. He has on a tan type of, almost a brown cape all about his shoulders. And he has on brown sandals. They're cut with two cords across his toes and his instep. And he has a wooden stick; it's not a crosier; it's just a stick, a long stick.

And he's walking forward--well he's floating too; he doesn't really walk. I can't explain it, but he's moving without moving his feet. Now he's very close to Our Lady, He's on Our Lady's left side now, and they are both smiling. Our Lady is placing Her fingers to Her lips and pointing over. And the man now--he's smiling. He has quite a long beard. I can see, I believe it's brown. The light is so bright, it's very difficult to see the exact colors unless he's moving to the right or the left a little bit.

Oh! It's Joseph! It's--I know it's St. Joseph! Oh my! Now he is placing his two fingers to his lips.

St. Joseph - "My child, and children of the world, it is not often that I choose, through the direction of the Eternal Father, to come forward and speak to you, but your world now is passing through a crisis. You must all recognize the test that is being placed upon mankind.

Now St. Joseph is still standing. He's a very meek-looking man. He's smiling. And I can see that he has a great feeling--oh, I can see he's looking over to Our Lady and there's such an expression of love. It's--I can't explain it. It's beautiful; it's such a beautiful expression that-- Oh my! I'm sure that St. Joseph should be an inspiration to all fathers in the homes.

About seeing Jesus at Bayside, New York in 1978 Veronica writes:

Now high up in the sky, the sky is opening. Oh, it's just beautiful. The light now is a brilliant glass-like white.

And Jesus is now coming through the light and into this haze, this pink haze. It's beautiful! Now Jesus is coming over, directly over Our Lady's statue. He has nothing upon His feet, no sandals. It's quite windy. Jesus has a beige gown, a very long, full beige gown. And about His shoulders. The hood has been sort of, been laid down behind His neck. Now Jesus has the cape bound by a--oh, it looks like a piece of gold cord at his neck.

Now Jesus is coming forward; He's floating forward and He's standing like this, with His hand extended like this: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

He is looking all about now. And it's quite windy because His hair is blowing now, loose from about his neck. Jesus' hair is about shoulder-length. I can see it; it looks almost like a-- oh, it's not red, but I believe it's His cape that's casting the reflections of reddish-brown hair.

That's what His hair looks like tonight.