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Diane's Story
the Heavenly Waiting Room
During my first pregnancy I felt extremely healthy, and as most first time mothers, very anxious for the event! It was not until Labor that things took a turn. Although, I was still anxious for this little one to enter into our world, there were complications and the baby was lodged, as it was a breach birth where the baby would be born butt first, folded in half! By the time the Dr.'s realized this, she was already part way down my birth canal, and it would put the baby in danger to push her back up. I had to sign papers that would not hold the hospital responsible if I died during this traumatic delivery, placing the child's life before my own. They were to save the baby at all costs! It was 24 hours of "hard" labor. I managed to pull through, by the grace of God and a team of Dr.'s working together. However, I was not out of the woods yet! A few days after the delivery I started hemorrhaging. I was rushed into the emergency room to be turned down by a nurse who thought it was normal to bleed heavily after delivery! She wanted to send me home, in spite of my plea to be seen by a Dr. I could feel my body being drained of my energy, but she insisted I was over reacting, and left the room! I sent my mother, who was accompanying me and my new one, to grab a Dr., ANY DR. until he listened and seen me first! That she did! The Dr. who followed her in, signed me into the emergency status immediately and called for help STAT! (The nurse was released!)  

I would now go through the battle of my life. They tried everything they could to stop the hemorrhaging but to no avail. They had to turn me "inside out" to locate the main vessel that was broken inside so deep there was no other way to get at it, and a cauterization would follow, (once the main vessel was located.) They were unable to give anything for the pain, as I was all ready on a heart stimulant from the loss of so much blood. Interns laid across me until I passed out from the pain. I came to but I went into shock three times after, as I had lost too much blood. A priest was called in after the 2nd time I had went into shock. It looked like I would make it. He gave me the last rights just before I went under the third, and what they thought to be the last time. My baby was placed across me, by my mother, for my farewell and both my twin brother and my dad, now in the room with me, were kneeling and praying. My husband at that time, could not be contacted, so he was unaware of what was going on. (I found out later, he was out with my what I thought was my best friend!) That's another story! However, in the meantime, I went into shock for the third time and as I was going down, I heard the Dr. tell my parents and my twin brother that most people don't come out of the 3rd shock, so to say their goodbyes, as hope for me was about gone. 

I remember rising above everyone and I felt so "lifted" and peaceful. Although there was a room full of grieving people I was leaving behind, I felt no sorrow. I was going toward a bright light. I came to what seemed like a bright room. Although I could not see any walls, I could see what seem to be a "cloud" barrier all around me. I sensed this was a holy room. I could not see any benches, but yet softness of cloud shapes seemed to indicate a place to be seated. I felt sooo peaceful, but uncertain what to do. I could hear music, softly playing, with harps as the main instrument. It was unlike anything I had ever heard and it was soothing to my very soul. I went and stood in what I felt was the middle of this room. Suddenly a very soft, but masculine voice spoke and told me to sit down until it was decided what to do. I wasn't alarmed by this, as I was a believer and knew I was in good hands. The music ceased all worries anyway, and I sat there for what seemed like only minutes, but the wait for my family was a long one. All of a sudden I felt myself falling backwards at an alarming rate and onto a bed! I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by all of my family, and even my in-laws and my husband. I had come out of the coma. I had been out for a couple of days and all though I was still barely alive, they hadn't expected me to come back! The first thing I told my onlookers was the experience I had just had. 

The reason I was sent back is uncertain, except that I have unfinished work here. But I feel blessed I have been able to raise my oldest daughter, who is now a mother herself and that I met and married a wonderful man several years later and was blessed to have a boy and girl with him. I know without a doubt there is a finer and better place waiting for us and although I could not see the Lord I strongly felt his presence and the angels presence. Whatever good I am to do here on earth, I hope I will be doing it well enough to please our Lord! This is only one experience, but I have to save that story for another time! Thank you for letting me share this with you and anyone else who may benefit from this.

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