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My testimony that Jesus lives and that anyone can reach Him, that He is there for us with His arms stretched out

When I met my husband when I was 36 years old, I agreed to marry him as long as he would promise me to come to church with me and that future children would receive a Christian upbringing. I explained that I could not live without Jesus.


My Sammy had not received a Christian upbringing but he loved me very much and agreed to my terms and conditions of marrying him.

Though doctors had said I could not have a child ever, I got pregnant after 3 years of marriage!  We got a son and Sam said that I could name him any name I wished. I named him in order to indicate my wish, that he would become a flourishing Christian.


Life became very difficult as doctors said that our son was autistic and retarded. This was discovered when he was 5 years old.

We did what we had to do, we put him in special education and gave him all the love and attention any child could need. However, shortly afterwards, Jesus spoke to my heart that the story would not end there.


The more I prayed for acceptance of the fact that his future would be different, the more Jesus spoke to me that He would touch our son. However, I closed my heart for these thoughts and continued to pray for acceptance.  I ended up praying all day, not on my knees all the time, but doing so in all my daily things as a housewife. Even when people visited me, I prayed inwardly, and did not end doing so until going to bed. 

Months went on by!


One day I was weeding my garden and noticed how one of my favorite flower buds was cut off, (all children of the neighborhood play in my garden, as we have such a large one and most others do not have one).  As children play, accidents happen with my flowers. I was feeling very low, seeing it was my favorite flower, a poppy, that was cut off and laid dead on the earth.

Then I heard the voice of Jesus speaking. He said: "pick up this dead flower bud, as it is your son. Put it into living water, and I will make it grow". Naturally, I thought I had gone mad of grief, and rushed inside. But every time I went into the garden, Jesus spoke louder and louder. So I obeyed Him and rushed to get the dead and dried poppy bud in order to put it into a bowl of water.

When my husband came home, I told him the entire story, and he did not laugh or ridicule me. Sam said: "well, if your God tells you so, I am glad you obeyed Him, but please be not devastated if this flower will remain dead, it is quite dead, you know"!


But there came life in the dead and crispy bud, it turned green and healthy within a week, and a beautiful poppy appeared. It became red and more red than those outside, it became bigger lots bigger than those outside!

And so it was with our son.


He became social and kind and loving and clever and more clever and he made so many friends.  Two years ago he when to normal High school, his school marks are very High.  Last year he was tested to be normal boy in intelligence, exceptional social and kind, not dyslectic, and easy to raise.

Praise Jesus for His goodness and His mercy which endureth for ever and ever!

Two months ago, my husband became a Christian. He was baptized on June the second.

In July we went on holiday to England,
The trip to England was very blessed as we went to a church service in Westminster Abbey in London, you may not quite understand the let me explain:
I am a member of the Church of England, I became an Anglican in the seventies in Holland as I once visited a lovely small church in The Hague, called the church of St. John and St. Philip - and  the chaplain called John Lewis had been baptized in the Holy Spirit. There were many miracles happening then! Many were blessed.


When I met my husband in 1986 he took a job in a distant part of Holland, far away from the church I love.  So it was a wonderful blessing to be able to be in a church service in the Westminster Abbey in London (evensong said as the choir was on holiday).

I was very sad as well, as I knew that it was very rare to be home like this. I knew that at home in Friesland (the northern part of Holland) there is no church service I sooo love.


As you can understand I prayed about this issue during the service.
It was then that Jesus answered my prayer! He said: "after the service when the procession will leave, look behind the priest"!

So after the service I asked Jesus to fulfill His promise to me.


The procession had almost left the church and the priest was right in front of me on his way out of the church. Jesus opened my eyes then!

I saw Jesus right behind the priest!


He had golden hair, and His face was shining light and He turned His countenance to me.  I could see His lips that were red as roses and His eyes shining love and joy.

Everything about Him was golden and shining! It was like a dance He was dancing, He was mere joy.

He opened His mouth and said: "I will be with you always"!!


Without words He explained to me that it did not matter in which church we were in as long as we would love, praise and adore and serve Him.


He explained it did not matter what church we are in as long as we love Him and long for Him and any church that He was the center of was right.


But the churches He was not proclaimed as God had not Him.

He stretched His arms out towards us!

He was glorified, and He appeared to me as I could understand and comprehend. He was all one could ever desire.


He was sooo glorified, sooo holy, soo awesome, soo inexpressible!  Words fail to describe Him!


Yet He did not overcome me, I was still myself. That amazed me but He made it clear without words, that He is not like that.
So, just like the others, I bowed down after the procession had left the church for a minute of adoration and prayer.

People wanted to leave before me, so I had to leave my pew.  None could see what I had seen or seemed to see anything special about me.


Outside I told my husband about what I had seen, and he said he had felt a sense of wonderful peace like he had never felt before as well.
Jesus is not distant, He is not a far away God. He is near us!  All things are possible for Him!


Ask Him, He will not turn away anyone.
/s/ Desiree

posted August 2002