Can a Christian vote for a Democrat in Good Conscience?
Would Jesus approve empowering the enemies of God?

Regardless of any other stands on issues a Democrat may take, they still stand behind the Democratic Party which wants Homosexual Marriage, and Abortion to continue.  The Democrats are committed to treating as "rights" what the West has traditionally regarded as deviations, and what God is on record abhorring.


Not if you believe God, that homosexuality is an abomination...


It is the Democrats in California, Massachusetts, and in Washington D.C., who are pushing Homosexual Marriages and "Gay rights".  They are also behind Bills mandating that our children learn about and accept the homosexual lifestyle, in our elementary schools.  In Massachusetts, the Democratic dominated congress have stymied the Massachusetts public from voting about Homosexual Marriage and overturning the radical decision made by renegade judges there, that allowed same sex marriage in that state.  The Democrats are also behind so-called "hate crimes" laws establishing greater penalties for crimes committed against homosexuals than for the same crimes committed against heterosexuals.  Democrats also push recognition of those who identify themselves as other than their birth gender (transsexuals) as a protected minority class under federal law.

In 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage after gay and lesbian couples in that state successfully sued for the right to wed. In the aftermath of that change, 19 states passed constitutional amendments barring gay marriage. Another 26 have statues limiting marriage to a man and a woman. Connecticut and Vermont allow civil unions.

In 2005, the Democrat dominated California Legislature became the first lawmaking body in the nation to legalize gay marriage. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill, saying it was up to voters or the courts, not lawmakers, to settle the contentious issue.  On 5 October 2006, the California Appeals Court agreed with Governor Schwarzenegger when it upheld California's ban on gay marriage.

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About 45 million American babies have been murdered via abortion.

Abortion is a scourge on this land.  It is the Democrats who keep this going.  The "right to choose" is their catchy, nice sounding way to ensure any woman who wants a better job, a better car, or a better house, can just sign a paper and have a so-called "doctor" reach in with cold steel forcipes, and crush the tiny skull of the living and feeling baby growing inside her.  Thou shall not kill!

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Beware: above link contains pictures of murdered babies